Love My Air

Using research to unlock user insights and help Denver residents love their air.

Love My Air Denver partnered with Fuego UX to conduct research and gain insights into Denver residents' habits and sentiments regarding local air quality. The goal was to inform recommendations for Love My Air Denver's app and improve the overall user experience.

The Challenge

Love My Air Denver needed to understand their users' needs, preferences, and frustrations to effectively allocate their limited budget and prioritize features and improvements for their app. The existing app, website, and social media presence required a thorough analysis to identify areas for optimization.

The Work

Fuego UX conducted comprehensive UX research, including generative user interviews and surveys, to gather valuable insights from Denver residents.

  • The team also performed a UX audit of the existing app, website, and social media presence to identify usability issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • The research findings were synthesized to uncover key user insights, such as the desire for a more personalized experience.
  • These insights informed the team's recommendations for refining Love My Air's onboarding process and prioritizing features that addressed immediate user frustrations and gaps in the current market.

The Results

Fuego UX delivered a comprehensive deck outlining the research methodology, synthesis of findings, and final recommendations. The evidence-based research empowered Love My Air to confidently allocate their budget to features and improvements that directly addressed user needs and preferences. By incorporating input from real users, Fuego UX's recommendations and mock-ups were tailored to enhance the overall user experience. The insights gained from understanding users' desires for a more personalized experience guided the refinement of Love My Air's onboarding process, ensuring a more engaging and relevant user journey.

Fuego UX's expertise in UX research and user-centric design enabled Love My Air Denver to unlock valuable user insights and make informed decisions for the improvement of their app. The research-driven approach ensured that the app's features and enhancements aligned with the needs and preferences of Denver residents, ultimately helping them love their air.

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