Scaling an Electric Charging app in order to meet user demands.

EVCS partnered with Fuego UX to redesign their mobile application, aiming to meet user demands and scale their network of electric chargers. The goal was to create a seamless and minimal interface that integrated with subscription plans, providing a better user experience.

The Challenge

EVCS's existing mobile app lacked integration with subscription plans and required a redesign to meet user demands. The app needed a seamless and minimal interface to improve the user experience and support the scaling of their electric charger network.

The Work

Fuego UX began with initial research to understand the digital and physical experience of charging for EVCS's customers. The team then created wireframes and low and high-fidelity mockups, incorporating a design system to ensure consistency and efficiency in the development process. The redesign also focused on integrating EVCS's branding, including brand assets and animations, to add depth and engagement to the app. Fuego UX collaborated closely with EVCS throughout the project, establishing a strong partnership and providing ongoing support.

The Results

The comprehensive set of designs provided by Fuego UX enabled EVCS to quickly build out their mobile app without the need for a large internal team. The new app, featuring a seamless interface and integration of subscription plans, significantly improved the user experience and expedited EVCS's presence in the market. Fuego UX's partnership with EVCS extended beyond the initial design phase, showcasing their commitment to EVCS's long-term success in the evolving EV market. The design system and branding elements ensured a consistent and engaging user experience, while the ongoing support positioned Fuego UX as a valued design and research partner for EVCS.

Fuego UX's expertise in UX/UI design, branding, and mobile app development enabled EVCS to scale their electric charging app and meet user demands. The collaborative approach, focus on user experience, and commitment to long-term partnership helped EVCS establish a strong presence in the market and lay the foundation for future growth in the EV industry.

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