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2023 is a great time to invest in UX research

We’ve outlined the key risks of ignoring user research.

Top UX and Product Design Conferences for 2023

Our top product design conferences to attend in 2023 for US-based UX designers who collaborate with product teams. Saving Digital Products Since 2020 Saving Digital Products Since 2020! You will be connected to our emergency response team. If this is a medical emergency, ignore this message and call your doctor.

As the SaaS landscape becomes increasingly crowded, focus on UX to beat out the competition.

The increase in SaaS options is great for enterprise customers searching for new tools, but how will buyers decide which platforms are worth investing in?

Designers have empathy for users, but what about stakeholders? Here are 6 ways to practice stakeholder empathy:

6 methods to practice stakeholder empathy

The majority of Figma users aren't designers. Here's why that's a great thing:

A tool that some people think of as THE design tool has more users outside of design than designers themselves. This turns out to be great news for product designers.

Design Leader Insights - Leah Russell

Alex chats with Leah Russell about applying experience design principles across different industries, different strategies to run and organize a team, and the importance of continuous learning.

Design Leader Insights - Abhijit Thosar

Alex chats with Abhijit Thosar, Head of Research and Design at Amazon, on solving complex industry problems, collaboration horizontally and vertically, and the three sets of skills and competencies that designers need to have.

Design Leader Insights - Eric Atkinson

Alex chats with Eric Atkinson, Director, UX Insights at Toast, on influencing strategy as a designer, how research can inform strategy, and fostering inclusive design.

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