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May 2, 2024

Nate Wearin

4 Things to Consider When Designing Complex Software

Onboarding experience; Information architecture; User interface consistency; User feedback.

🔥 Onboarding experience

This is the first impression that users have with the application and should enable them to quickly learn and intuitively understand how to use the product effectively.

🔥 Information architecture and navigation

The organization of the navigation should be informed by how users group functions. Frequently, there are too many links, menus, or pages that can confuse users.

🔥 Consistent user interfaces

SaaS applications are built over long periods with multiple iterations, which can lead users to interact with old and new variations or disjointed experiences when diving deeper into the product. A design system applied across products can help ensure a consistent and premium look and feel.

🔥 Continuous improvement and user feedback

Users' needs and usage patterns change and evolve over time. Implementing a continuous feedback and research process is critical to the steady improvement of any SaaS application.

How do you approach the design of complex products?

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