A data driven web app experience for an ecommerce management platform.

The Problem

Branded approached us with initial concepts and wireframes for their new custom application, a brand management platform for ecommerce. They needed help in translating these into high fidelity mockups and defining the web app experience, specifically focusing on dashboards and data visualization.

The Process

Discovery/Initial Research, Low and High Fidelity Mockups, Branding

The Results

Our design efforts resulted in a visually appealing and intuitive web application for Branded's brand management platform. The inclusion of data visualization and customized alerts provided valuable insights for optimizing pricing, placement, and descriptions. The system enabled Branded to remain competitive and achieve revenue targets, while our collaborative approach ensured a successful outcome for the project.

Throughout the design process, there was significant discovery and iteration to align the application with Branded's goals. The UX design also featured a "tinder swipe" interface for training the AI system to include or exclude products, empowering brand managers to create a smarter system. The final product showcased the brand management platform's capabilities and delivered a seamless user experience.

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