Creating a unified design system for a consistent user experience.

Airfind approached Fuego UX with the challenge of creating a unified design system to address the inconsistencies in their platform's user interface and improve the overall user experience.

The Challenge

Airfind's platform suffered from a disjointed user interface, with non-uniform UI elements resulting in an inconsistent user experience across their applications. The lack of cohesion hindered user engagement and usability, prompting the need for a comprehensive design system.

The Work

Fuego UX conducted a thorough audit of Airfind's existing applications and components to identify inconsistencies and areas for improvement. Based on the findings, the team designed a comprehensive UI system, encompassing dashboard elements, data visualizations, navigation systems, colors, typography, button inputs, tables, and components based on Material UI. The collaborative effort between Fuego UX and Airfind's product and engineering teams ensured a quick turnaround time and the seamless integration of the new design system. The team worked closely to adapt and implement the design system across Airfind's platform.

The Results

Fuego UX delivered high-fidelity designs of the design system, enabling Airfind to achieve a consistent and modernized look and feel across their platform. The new UI system significantly improved navigation, enhanced user engagement, and increased usability, leading to higher user satisfaction. The successful implementation of the design system empowered Airfind to reuse the components for future feature development, ensuring consistency and reducing development time. The modernized UI streamlined the user experience, making it easier for users to interact with Airfind's applications.

Fuego UX's expertise in UI design and the creation of comprehensive design systems allowed Airfind to transform their platform, achieving a consistent and user-friendly experience across all their applications.

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