Improving navigation and overall look and feel for a CMO tool.

The Problem

CaliberMind's platform could greatly enhance its user experience by addressing a few areas. Improving the navigation system and updating the overall look and feel would go a long way in ensuring smoother onboarding and facilitating a better understanding of how to effectively use the application. They sought to redefine the platform's aesthetics and improve the user experience.

The Process

Audit of Current Platform, Information Architecture Redesign, Low and High Fidelity Mockups, Design System

The Results

We delivered a high-fidelity mockup of each area of the platform, resulting in a B2B SaaS application with a revamped look and improved user experience. The new platform received positive reception, and users reported increased speed of onboarding and better understanding of how to use the application effectively.

During the project, our collaborative approach with CaliberMind's team ensured alignment and effective feedback loops. The use of a design system based on Material UI provided consistency and familiarity, enhancing the usability and learnability of the platform. The streamlined navigation system and improved aesthetics contributed to a more intuitive and efficient user experience for CMOs, campaign managers, and other sales and marketing professionals using the CaliberMind platform.

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