Evolving a legacy vendor management system by enhancing consistency and streamlining UI.

The Problem

This legacy vendor management system faced some challenges that could be improved upon. Enhancing consistency, streamlining the interface, and addressing the performance issues would greatly enhance the user experience and overall efficiency of the system. They wanted to evolve the platform by implementing persona-based experiences to address the needs of their diverse user base.

The Process

Discovery Research, Interviews, Surveys, User Flows, Personas, Wireframes, High Fidelity Prototypes

The Results

Over the course of a year, we delivered highly refined prototypes for the web applications, providing additional support and expertise to our client’s product design and strategy teams. The designs were validated with user testing, ensuring a user-centric approach. The new platform offered improved usability, streamlined workflows, and a more personalized experience for their users.

Throughout the project, we emphasized the value of adding outside perspectives to complement our client’s internal teams. Our regular collaboration and design review sessions fostered a strong partnership, enabling us to provide additional horsepower and insights to enhance the product design and strategy. The focus on persona-based experiences and validation with real users helped drive user adoption and satisfaction, ultimately benefiting their corporate clients and their contingent workforce management.

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