Evolving a legacy vendor management system by enhancing consistency and streamlining UI.

Beeline, a prominent vendor management system, partnered with Fuego UX to address the challenges faced by their legacy platform. The goal was to enhance consistency, streamline the user interface, and introduce persona-based experiences to cater to their diverse user base.

The Challenge

Beeline's legacy vendor management system struggled with inconsistencies and performance issues, hindering the user experience and overall efficiency. The platform needed to evolve to address the varying needs of their users, including corporate clients and contingent workforce management.

The Work

Fuego UX embarked on a comprehensive discovery process, conducting research, interviews, and surveys to gain deep insights into user requirements and pain points.

  • The team developed user flows, personas, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes to guide the redesign process.
  • Over the course of a year, Fuego UX collaborated closely with Beeline's product design and strategy teams, providing additional support and expertise.
  • Regular design review sessions fostered a strong partnership, enabling the integration of outside perspectives to complement the internal teams.

The Results

The culmination of the project was a set of highly refined prototypes for the web applications, validated through user testing to ensure a user-centric approach. The new platform boasted improved usability, streamlined workflows, and a more personalized experience tailored to the needs of Beeline's diverse user base. The focus on persona-based experiences and validation with real users drove user adoption and satisfaction, ultimately benefiting Beeline's corporate clients and their contingent workforce management. The successful collaboration between Fuego UX and Beeline demonstrated the value of integrating external perspectives to enhance product design and strategy.

Fuego UX's expertise in UX design, persona development, and user testing enabled Beeline to evolve their legacy vendor management system, delivering a more consistent, streamlined, and user-centric platform that catered to the diverse needs of their user base.

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