Explore our interview series! We feature diverse perspectives from Design & Product leaders across an array of industries.

Design Leader Insights - Avantika Gomes on Project Management for Figma

Alex talks to Avantika Gomes, Product Leader at Figma, about project management, advice for aspiring PMs, and navigating collaboration in a remote workflow.

Design Leader Insights - Candace Myers on the Importance of Design Operations

Alex talks to Candace Myers, Design & UX Operations Leader, Netflix about her background in design ops, advice for new design ops professionals, and navigating niche design roles at Netflix.

Design Leader Insights - Kati Driscoll on UX Research in the Music Industry

Alex talks to Kati Driscoll, UX Researcher at Warner Music Group, about what advice she'd share for designers and researchers interested in breaking into the music industry, as well utilizing effective storytelling to share data insights.

Design Leader Insights - Adil Dhanani's Advice on Career Progression and Growth as a UX designer

Alex talks to Adil Dhanani, Director of Product Design at Handshake, about his various roles in product design, his advice for new designers coming into the field today, and finding commonalities in different industries.

Design Leader Insights - Fonz Morris chats with Fuego UX about managing and leading UX teams

Alex talks to Fonz Morris, Lead Product Designer, Global Conversion at Netflix, about the importance of communication in design, how to be an effective design manager, and company culture.

Design Leader Insights - Carol Smith on how to practice ethical AI in user experience design

Alex talks to Carol Smith, Responsible AI and UX at Carnegie Mellon University, AI Division about ethical AI, research conducted for the field of AI, and offers advice to new designers entering the field.

Design Leader Insights - Meredith Black founder of DesignOps Assembly chats DesignOps

Alex chats with Meredith Black, Founder of DesignOps Assembly, about what a design ops role is, the flexibility of the role within different work environments, and advice for new designers entering the field today who have an interest in design ops.

Design Leader Insights - John Schrag on building a psychologically safe design culture

Alex chats with John Schrag, Design Culture Consultant, about how to create and effective culture to create innovation, integrating agile in the workplace and utilizing psychological safety.

Design Leader Insights - Reality Canty on Advice for UX designers for designing equitable experiences

Alex chats with Reality Canty, Senior UX Researcher, Equity Engineering at Google, about building equitable experiences, ways to apply research to a design, and helpful resources for researchers.

Design Leader Insights - Nina Polson talks about UX research and design for digital navigation in emerging markets

Alex talks with Nina Polson, Product Design Manager at Google Maps, about the challenges of creating inclusive design for different cultures, remote immersion sessions, and advice for aspiring Googlers.

Design Leader Insights - Ana Sofia Gonzalez on Applying UX design across cultures and UX for AR and VR

Alex talks with Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Senior Design Lead at Microsoft, about process mining, design in Mexico verses the US, and the future of augmented reality.

Design Leader Insights - Lawton Pybus on building teams and driving collaboration as a UX researcher

Alex chats with Lawton Pybus, UX Research Manager at UserZoom, about the process and importance of UX research, and how the value of research is measured in a data driven world.

Design Leader Insights - Trip O'dell on the importance of human cognition in UX design

Alex chats with Trip O'Dell, Senior Director, Product Design at Pearson, about human cognition within design, differences between markets, and inclusion for different cultures.

Design Leader Insights - Andrea Lewis on pairing User Research with early product development

Alex chats with Andrea Lewis, Global Director, User Experience Research at Adidas, about user needs, the importance of embedded user research, and where UX research is headed in the future.

Design Leader Insights - Risa Hiyama on how to become an effective storyteller in UX design

Alex talks with Risa Hiyama, Product Designer at Netflix, about her unique experience working in Japanese and American design, as well as strategies for working in a startup.

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