Collaborative design with a modern approach

We help teams with user research, UX strategy, and best-in-class design by partnering in an iterative working style to accelerate product development.

How We Work With You


Fit into your product management workflow and structure. Meet weekly in standups or keep the conversations to shared Slack channels, we flex to your preferred communication style.


We seek stakeholder and user feedback through the end to end design process. Work with existing team members and partners to ensure speedy, expert product design.


Our Research, Strategy and Design services are based on modern design principles. Improving user-satisfaction, retention, usability, adoption, and product focused KPI’s

Meet the Team

Alaina Campbell

Video Producer

Sean Philbrick

Creative Technologist

Alex Smith

Head of Partnerships

Nate Wearin

Head of Design

Brandon Manning

UX Design Manager

Mikah Fitzgerald

Brand & Visual Designer

Cat Dinh

Design Researcher & Strategist

Rafael Hernandez

UX Design Lead

Jessie Bonilla

Senior UX Designer

Our Values

100% Remote

We love the freedom, flexibility, and sustainability provided by not having to commute to an office. At Fuego we prefer to work, collaborate, and learn remotely.

Work Life Balance

A healthy balance of work and life is crucial for both mental health and creativity. We respect the boundary between your personal and professional lives.

Growth as a Designer

Best in class design tools, a deep understanding and focus on UX design, and an awesome team provide our designers ample opportunity for growth.

Collaborative Culture

At Fuego, we encourage proactive communication and the sharing of ideas. We believe that great ideas come from everyone.

Inclusive Environment

We are committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

Giving Back

At Fuego, we are committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work through charitable giving and volunteering.

Have questions about your UX?

Let Fuego find you the answers.