Collaborative design with a modern approach.

Our Process

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Qualitative interviews, ethnographic studies, behavioral psychology, discovery workshops, UX auditing, and usability testing.
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Strategy >>

Digital experience vision, journey mapping, data-driven design, service design, product differentiation, and brand experience.
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Mobile app & web design, IoT and voice design, experience prototyping, user interface design, design systems, and developer collaboration.
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Simple and easy to use digital experiences that outshine your competitors' products. Updated, modern, consistent design strategy for your organization.

Our Team

We created Fuego to be a design-first organization. We believe design should be human-centered, simple, iterative, and collaborative.

Headshot of Jessie Bonilla

Jessie Bonilla
UX Designer

Headshot of Jessie Bonilla

Anna Kizer
UX Designer

Headshot of Carolyn Klein

Carolyn Klein
Lead UX Designer

Headshot of Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee
UX Designer

Headshot of Armon Naeini

Armon Naeini
UX Designer & Developer

Headshot of Alex Smith

Alex Smith
Head of Partnerships

Headshot of Nate Wearin

Nate Wearin
Head of Design