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Design Leader Insights - Christopher Nguyen on the Shortcomings of UX Education

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Christopher Nguyen, Founder of UX Playbook. They discuss the shortcomings of current UX education, emphasizing the need for practical, real-world experience and soft skills development. Christopher explains his initiative to make UX education more accessible through playbooks, courses, and coaching.

Design Leader Insights - Kyle LeBlanc on Advocating for the Designer

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex Smith sits down with Kyle LeBlanc, VP of Design at Teradata. Kyle shares his evolution from graphic and web design to leadership roles, emphasizing his passion for advocating for design as more than just aesthetics but as a critical component of problem-solving and user experience. He discusses the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to leading teams, emphasizing the importance of trust.

Design Leader Insights - Su Milazzo on Driving Impact with Design Ops

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Su Milazzo, Sr Manager of Design and Product Operations. Su shares insights of her journey to Design Ops, highlighting pivotal moments and challenges along the way. She discusses the evolution of her role, emphasizing the importance of addressing communication gaps and streamlining processes within design teams.

Design Leader Insights - Louis Rosenfeld on UX Publishing

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Louis Rosenfeld, Publisher and Founder at Rosenfeld Media. The conversation delves into Rosenfeld's journey into publishing and the emphasis on publishing books on user experience design. They discuss how to successfully structure a conference environment, and what the next big UX book to hit the shelves should be about.

Design Leader Insight - Sam Horner on Fostering Creativity in UX Teams

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Sam Horner, Head of Apps UX at Google Play, takes us on a journey through his extensive career in design, from his beginnings at the BBC to his current role at Google. Sam shares insights on fostering creativity in UX design teams, emphasizing the importance of finding moments of creative peace and empowerment.

Design Leader Insights - Farid Sabitov on Breaking Down Silos Across Ops

On this Design Leader Insights episode, Alex Smith chats with Farid Sabitov, DesignOps Consultant at EPAM Systems. Over the past couple of years, Farid has focused on design operations, particularly in areas like content design, product design, and design systems. His expertise lies in evolving practices and defining metrics to communicate value within large organizations.

Design Leader Insights - Ridhima Gupta on Complex Design Systems

In this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex Smith interviews Ridhima Gupta, Lead Product Designer at Databricks. Ridhima shares her journey in UX, starting as an architecture student and transitioning into digital design during the rise of mobile apps.

Design Leader Insights - Tommy Geoco on Taking the Content Creator Leap

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Tommy Geoco, Owner and Educator at UX Tools. In April 2022, he embraced education for design, founding uxtools.co in 2024. Alex and Tommy discuss the changes to the freelance industry, and hustle culture.

Design Leader Insights - Jason Giles on the Wild West of AI in UX

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats Jason Giles, VP of Product Design at UserTesting, about his early days at Microsoft working on iconic products like Office 365 and Xbox, to leading design teams at DirectTV and Ticketmaster in the consumer entertainment space.

Where Product Meets Design - Gideon Hod on UX in the Car Sharing Industry

On this episode of Where Product Meets Design, Alex chats with Gideon Hod, Director of Product Operations at Turo. Gideon shares insights into his journey in the product industry and his path to the car sharing industry he is in now.

Design Leader Insights - J B Chaykowsky on Embracing the High Minimum in Design

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with J.B Chaykowsky, Global Design Leader at Intuit. They discuss the transformative impact of AI on the design landscape. J.B. Chaykowsky emphasizes the need for designers to navigate the evolving role of AI carefully, ensuring that they continue to add value in a world where AI democratizes design creation.

Design Leader Insights - Glen Lipka on Career Growth, Education, and Building Better Products

n this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Glen Lipka, VP, Product Design at CrowdStrike. Glen Lipka advocates for improving design education to equip young designers with practical skills and a deeper understanding of the industry.

Design Leader Insights - Calvin Robertson on Intentional Experience Design

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex chats with Calvin Robertson, Sr Director, Experience Design - Best Buy. Calvin delves into the nuanced challenges of balancing digital and human interactions, especially at a retail giant like Best Buy.

Where Product Meets Design - Amy Mitchell on Adding Value as a Product Manager

On this episode of Where Product Meets Design, Amy Mitchell, Product Director at Dell, shares insights into her journey in the product management field. She discusses the common myth that product managers are merely a barrier between engineering and sales, emphasizing the value they bring in consolidating requirements and facilitating communication.

Design Leader Insights - Michael Riddering on Navigating Startups, Launch Days, and the Future of UX

On this episode of Design Leader Insights, Alex Smith chats with Michael Riddering, creator of Dive Club and Founding Designer for Maven. Michael shares his journey from founder to designer and back, highlighting the pivotal role of design in startup culture.

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