Creating a unified design system for a consistent user experience.

The Problem

Airfind came to Fuego UX with a disjointed platform with non-uniform UI elements, resulting in an inconsistent user experience across their applications.

What We Did

Audit of existing applications and components, Designed comprehensive UI system (including dashboard elements, data visualizations, navigation systems, colors, typography, button inputs, tables, and components based on Material UI)

The Results

We delivered high-fidelity designs of the design system, enabling Airfind to have a consistent and modernized look and feel across their platform. The collaborative effort with the product and engineering teams resulted in a quick turnaround time, empowering Airfind to reuse the design system for future feature development.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the Airfind team to ensure the seamless integration and adaptation of the new design system. The modernized UI improved navigation, enhanced user engagement and usability, leading to increased user satisfaction and a streamlined user experience.

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