UX Research Services

We uncover solutions through user research, product strategy, and intuitive design.


Surveys are a quick and efficient way to gain a pulse on user sentiment. It is easy to make assumptions for users, but continual surveys help eliminate internal bias from design decisions.

  • Gather user insights
  • Assess user needs
  • Identify pain points
  • Evaluate product satisfaction

User Interviews

Interviews help us understand user frustrations, desires, and usage patterns. Our team conducts interviews early in the research phase to inform product design direction. Investing in interviews ensures that users' true needs are incorporated into product design roadmaps.

  • Reveal user behaviors, motivations, and needs
  • Primary research
  • Gather both qualitative and quantitative data

Contextual Interviews

Contextual interviews are a form of ethnographic research in which users are interviewed within their natural environment. The researcher is able to observe the user complete their regular tasks and ask questions that uncover both explicit and implicit pain points and needs.

  • Reveal hidden frustrations
  • Primary research
  • Evaluate user behaviors, motivations, and needs

Usability Testing

Usability testing is observational research performed by our team directly with users. Users are given instructions to complete various tasks within the digital product and are recorded while click tracking is enabled. Common themes are analyzed to simplify task completion within the digital experience.

  • Identify usability issues
  • Primary research

Competitive Research

The competitive landscape holds critical information about the alternative digital experiences users may be considering. It is important to know how competitors have invested in UX and how it is perceived by their users.

  • Analyze market
  • Examine strengths of competitors
  • Inform product decisions

UX Audit

A quick way to assess your current experience, our team of UX experts will perform a comprehensive audit of your user experience and create a scorecard which measures areas for improvement and opportunities.

  • Evaluate existing product experienceI
  • dentify problems and improvement opportunities

Persona Development

Archetypical user profiles created using information collected from surveys and user interviews; and are used to align team goals. Personas represent the various needs of a user group and outlines what each type of user’s pain points, motivations, and behavioral patterns are.

  • Learn about each user type
  • Help guide design to match user behavior

Discovery Workshops

Discovery workshops are focused, collaborative sessions used to gain consensus between team members and stakeholders on the current state and goals of a project.

  • Enable teams to work collaboratively
  • Clarify what success looks like across departments
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce redundancy

Card Sorting

Card sorting is part of the process of designing an optimal information architecture. Users organize topics into groups they believe are related, revealing insight into users’ mental models.

  • Allows information architecture to meet users’ expectations
  • Identify issues in category structure
  • Uncover how users view content

Diary Studies

Diary studies ask users to log certain behaviors as they occur over a longer period of time. This provides a deeper understanding of different contexts for the relevant behaviors.

  • Deep understanding of contextual insights
  • Reveal higher level trends
  • Minimal reliance on recall data

Tree Testing

Tree testing is part of the process of evaluating a pre-existing information architecture or prototype of one. Users are asked to click through a hierarchical menu until they find the location they believe to be what they need to complete the different tasks they are presented with.

  • Evaluating hierarchy or navigation menus
  • Allows information architecture to meet users’ expectations
  • Uncover users’ mental model

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