We provide a deep analysis of your users’ interactions including qualitative interviews and feedback sessions.


Surveys are a quick and efficient way to gain a pulse on user sentiment. It is easy to make assumptions for users, but continual surveys help eliminate internal bias from design decisions.

User Interviews

Interviews help us understand user frustrations, desires, and usage patterns. Our team conducts interviews early in the research phase to inform product design direction. Investing in interviews ensures that users' true needs are incorporated into product design roadmaps.

Competitive Research

The competitive landscape holds critical information about the alternative digital experiences users may be considering. It is important to know how competitors have invested in UX and how it is perceived by their users.

UX Audit

A quick way to assess your current experience, our team of UX experts will perform a comprehensive audit of your user experience and create a scorecard which measures areas for improvement and opportunities.

User Personas

Archetypical user profiles created using information collected from surveys and user interviews; and are used to align team goals. Personas represent the various needs of a user group and outlines what each type of user’s pain points, motivations, and behavioral patterns are.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is observational research performed by our team directly with users. Users are given instructions to complete various tasks within the digital product and are recorded while click tracking is enabled. Common themes are analyzed to simplify task completion within the digital experience.

Other Services


• User Flows
• Journey Mapping
• Product Design Strategy
• Service Design Strategy
• Design Operations
• Accessibility
• Design Sprints


• Wireframing
• High Fidelity Designs
• Visual Design
• Design QA with Development
• Design Systems
• Prototyping
• Website Design

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