Website redesign and branding for Web3 product that aligns with the company's new offerings.

The Problem

Fio's previous website and brand was lacking alignment with the company's exciting evolution and offerings in the Web3 world. The marketing team desired a new website that effectively conveyed their story, simplified the user journey, and showcased impressive visuals.

The Process

Discovery Research, Wireframes, High-Fidelity Mockups, Branding

The Results

After an iterative design effort, Fio now possesses a revamped website and cohesive brand identity that accurately represents their company and resonates with their target audience. The simplified user experience, improved storytelling, and visually appealing design have increased understanding, engagement, and adoption. Fio can now leverage these assets for new features and marketing endeavors.

Throughout the project, we emphasized the importance of seamless integration with Fio's social media and communication channels to ensure brand consistency and create a unified brand experience. The collaboration with the marketing and engineering teams allowed for effective feedback loops and alignment on design decisions, resulting in a successful implementation of the new website and brand.

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