Why We Created Fuego UX

July 15, 2020

It is undoubtedly an odd time in history. COVID has disrupted our lives to the core and has been a terrible threat to many people's health. It has also shifted the way that business is done. Consumers are staying home, keeping their distance, and relying on their digital devices for literally everything they do. Now, more than ever, your customers and employees are innately expecting a great user experience.

We have always been fans of minimalist, simple, clean designs, long before they were cool ;). This means we are very excited to see that minimalism is now mainstream. The average consumer is taking household tips from simplicity influencers such as Marie Kondo and interacting with the cutting edge simple and clean UX of Google, Apple, and FB on a daily basis.

Jakob’s Law of UX states that consumers spend most of their time on other sites, and prefer a similar interface and user experience across all of their interactions with various brands. If your brand's app, website, or internal experiences aren’t as simple and intuitive as the experts are (think Instagram, Google Search, or FaceTime) then consumers will notice. 

Digital interactions that slow down or frustrate your customers or employees will cause a loss of efficiency and satisfaction with the product. Fuego believes having modern, simple and intuitive digital interfaces and UX is an essential differentiator in 2020.

We designed Fuego to be a design-first organization. Which means design is at the core of how we approach the world, and is central to everything we touch.

This led to the creation of our Fuego Design Values:
  • Human-Centered Design - Behind every interaction is a human. Their needs, motivations, and desires must be accounted for in the design process. 
  • Simplicity - Complicated and overdone experiences are a waste of time and visually unappealing. We respect the user’s time and taste by keeping the design simple and intuitive. 
  • Iterative - Great design never stops. Customer preferences and UX capabilities are always evolving and so should your designs.
  • Collaborative - We want to be a part of your team and get to know your customers, employees and partners on a personal level. Great design ideas are democratic, not autocratic. 
  • Data-Driven - Data informs and leads design decisions. Customer interaction and usage data becomes a valuable input that heavily influences design and drives ROI.

We appreciate your interest in Fuego and hope you will keep up with us on our journey to make your digital experiences memorable and enjoyable. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.