DesignOps Assembly

Branding and website for a robust and growing design community.

The Problem

DOA needed a new brand and website to facilitate community applications and support their continued growth. Their current site's functionality and branding could benefit from better alignment with the needs of the community. It would greatly benefit from an infusion of adaptability and modernity to better serve their sub-brands.

What We Did

Defined Information Architecture, Branding, Low and High Fidelity Mockups, Web Development

The Results

In a span of four months, we delivered a new brand and website that received positive reception from the community. The revamped brand perception boosted engagement and membership, enabling DOA to facilitate applications, grow their community, and establish a more prestigious and recognizable brand.

Throughout the project, we focused on creating a scalable design system that allowed DOA's team to maintain consistency across their sub-brands. The easy-to-use assets and Webflow implementation empowered their team to make future updates and expansions to the website, ensuring continued success and growth for the community.

Case Studies


Improving navigation and overall look and feel for a CMO tool


Website redesign and branding for Web3 product that aligns with the company's new offerings.


Redesign of a no-code workflow automation SaaS platform

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