Top UX and Product Design Conferences for 2023

March 13, 2023

After attending a number of design conferences last year, here are our top picks for UX and product design conferences in 2023. Some of these we have attended before and some we will be attending for the first time!

- Experience Design 2023 - Feb 27th - March 1st, Denver, CO, by Design & Innovation

With a solid lineup of design leaders this conference promises to provide an intimate setting and encourage networking with UX professionals.

- Chief Product Officer Summit - March 14th, NYC, by Product Led Alliance

Getting to know the needs, goals, and plans for product leaders is prudent for designers as many design teams report to or directly collaborate with their product counterparts. The most effective teams focus on improving collaboration.

- Front UX and Product Conference - April 26th-28th, Salt Lake City, UT, by Front

This is a multi-day case study style conference that features both product and design leaders. With 800+ attendees it looks to be a great opportunity to network across product and UX.

- Convey UX - May 2nd-4th, Remote/Seattle, WA, by Blink UX

After attending remotely last year we will be back. There was a great lineup of speakers and afforded many learnings from Blink UX’s 20+ years of UX research and design leadership.

- UXDX USA - May 16th-18th, NYC, by UXDX

After attending in-person last year, we’ll be back. We appreciated the networking opportunities and the diverse roles that attended across UX, Product, and Development.

- UXPA International - June 20th-22nd, Austin, TX, by UXPA International

A leading UX group that attracts top speakers and many networking opportunities.

- UX Strat USA -  September 11th-13th, Boulder, CO, by UX Strat

This was our favorite in-person conference of 2022 and we will definitely be back. The in-person group discussions ensure you meet many counterparts and encourage the sharing of ideas.