As the SaaS landscape becomes increasingly crowded, focus on UX to beat out the competition.

March 3, 2023

There are over 10,000 private SaaS companies in the market today. New competitors are emerging all the time, and the barriers to entry to developing new SaaS solutions are lowering. Take a look at G2 (a top software review platform), and pick pretty much any category of software. What you will find are dozens of competing SaaS tools that claim to solve the same business problem. The increase in SaaS options is great for enterprise customers searching for new tools, but how will buyers decide which platforms are worth investing in?

One of the key considerations going forward for buyers and users of SaaS alike will be how simply and seamlessly users can accomplish their business goals within your tool.

Here are 5 question areas to consider regarding your current SaaS user experience:

  1. Research, are you doing enough research? Are you talking to customers who both find value in your tool and to those that do not. Do you have structured feedback processes? Do you make iterative improvements based on research?
  2. Is onboarding seamless or do users require extensive onboarding and training?
  3. Where are users failing to accomplish tasks and reaching out for help? How are you ideating ways to solve those errors? How are you predicting the bottlenecks within the UX? How are customer success and support teams documenting user issues? How do you gather the root causes of when and why customers churn?
  4. How is your SaaS tool more intuitive and user friendly than your competitors? What are new entrants in your space doing to simplify their user experience (for example: no-code, mobile first, plug-and-play custom dashboards etc.)
  5. Have you ensured that your digital products are following minimum guidelines for accessibility? According to the Census Bureau, more than 40 million Americans have a disability, and many conditions impact website and application usage.

Want to explore more questions and discover how your SaaS tool compares to industry best practices for UX? Let’s chat!

Written by Alex Smith, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships